How To Be The Most Energetic You Can Be!

A few people have asked me where I get so much energy from to be travelling, singing, speaking at events so much and all with no coffee haha! So I thought I’d share the ways I gather my energy so it might help you. We are all different but by sharing our practices, we can take what we find helpful and leave the rest, so please have a read and let me know if you have any ways you increase your energy!

I understand for those with chronic illness, it’s not as simple as some of the below tips sound, but they’re still worth a go because even if you think they won’t work, you’ve made a positive step towards loving and caring for yourself!

jump on a decline


  • Food! If you’re on my Instagram, then you’ll know I follow a vegan diet. The reason I started was for ethical reasons concerning animals and environment, but the health benefits have been incredible! My skin cleared up, my head feels lighter too and I no longer need coffee to keep me going throughout the day. I eat a lot of fruit and veg and I love smoothies. Find me on instagram to see some of my food postings. I’m not here to judge, I was twenty years old before I went vegetarian and then another several years before veganism so only speak from my experience that switching to a plant based diet has worked wonders for my energy and health. It’s really important to ensure with any way you eat that your nutrient levels are all in tune with your own body. Tiredness can be caused by deficiencies in B12, calcium, Vit D and magnesium amongst other things so it’s a good idea to get these in order if you’re feeling low on energy.

Smoothies replaced my super strong coffee and I love them!!

  • Nurture yourself with Nature. Being in nature, for me, is one of my top energisers. A walk in the forest or on the beach can pick me up when I’m needing a boost and whatever energy I spend whilst walking is returned with more to spare.  It’s proven that the ions produced by water having a restorative effect on our health so anywhere near flowing water such as waterfalls or the beach is great to be, but of course anywhere outside and in a natural setting is going to do you good! Sunshine will boost your Vit D levels too which can help with tiredness, but of course wear sun protection where appropriate especially if you’re like me- a super pale red-head who needs factor 50!!

Beautiful beach times from a recent trip to Ibiza.


Swimming in the sea feels so natural and always boosts my energy!

  • Sort your sleep! We all know sleep is important for our bodies to restore and for our minds to wander into our dreamlands, but so many of us worry about it to the point that this worry stops us sleeping! For a time, I was waking about 4am every night, full of energy and excited for the day ahead. I would struggle to return to sleep and work my self up when I couldn’t. I decided to change my sleep pattern to stop myself worrying. I now sleep 5-7 hours during the night and have an extended nap in the afternoon. I later found this is called Bi-phasic sleep, and has been found to be a very healthful way to split our sleeping times as our 9-5 society way of living is not entirely natural to our bodies and minds. It is a challenge to achieve sometimes if I have to do a lot of daytime activities but it has improved my energy and sleeping as I no longer worry about being tired because I know I have a second sleep to follow!


  • Resting. This is different to sleep. People think they only need to rest when they are in bed but this isn’t so. Being still and quiet is vital to our health and to keep us connected with our body so we are aware of everything that’s going on and know to make adjustments if necessary. Paradoxically, you can rest whilst being active. For me, Yoga is a very restoring practise and even though I work hard and the postures are often physically demanding, I find it a very restful, peaceful thing to do too.


  • Avoid energy drainers! These come in a variety of forms, from too much time on the internet, to being around people who are always negative. Comparing yourself to others on social media is one of the biggest wastes of energy there is. It leaves you feeling lethargic and low. Limit your internet use to basic email checking for a while and see how you feel. When I do this my head is less foggy, my spirit brighter and I feel so much happier. Don’t worry about what others are doing. They are on their path and you are following yours.


  • Be creative. Singing, writing, getting my ideas out, all feed my soul and so increase my energy levels.  Using our natural talents (and we all have different innate ones) makes us feel purposeful and happy which feeds our spirit to increase our energy. I adore singing so much that I often turn up to a gig feeling tired and leave with an enormous buzz and feeling elated! Even singing on my own at home can do this, so try whatever creative pursuit you want to do and see if it does the same for you. Being creative with your environment can help too. Colours can energise or drain you, so my living areas are all bright, beautiful tangerines and decorated with all sorts of my favourite shades!
bexi singing

Singing always gives me more energy!


  • Self healing. As well as creating more energy within ourselves, I fully believe we have the power to heal ourselves too and prevent our health from going too far down. This creates good health and so in turn more energy. Explore the alternative side to healing that medicine doesn’t offer… gentle therapies that can help if you open up to them. Music and Sound therapies, Acupuncture, Meditation- explore and find what you enjoy the most and go with it. Even if you find they don’t work for you, they are relaxing and enjoyable at the very least. Stress is a big energy drainer and the cause for so many health problems but it is something we have control over. Slowing breathing rate is the first step to overcoming it, breathing in for 5, pausing then out for 5 and repeat until you feel calmer.


I hope these little tips that I use have been helpful and healthful for you! Let me know how you get on, with a message or a comment, wishing you lots of energy!


Best Wishes,




How to Keep Smiling!

With everything we’re surrounded with in our modern world, it can be a challenge sometimes to keep smiling through it all. I love to laugh and smile (often to people’s annoyance but who cares!) and this leads people to assume I never get sad or I’ve never had anything bad happen in my life or seen anything bad.

Of course this isn’t true, just like for most of us! On my travels and in daily life I’ve seen animal abuse, been treated horribly by a few people with closed hearts, had loved ones die, family dramas and had years of past personal depression- things a lot of us go through- but I always see that the good always outweighs the bad. And that’s what I really do believe- that the goodness here is always stronger than any badness.


bexi singing.jpg

Singing always makes me smile!

Here are a few ways I keep smiling…


  1. Avoid the News. This isn’t saying be ignorant to current events, just choose how much you are surrounded with images of death and hopelessness which is the mood those who script the News programmes and publish papers seek to create. Avoiding biased, fear-based programming is the first step to clearing your head of the fog that keeps us from being happy.
  2. Nature! It’ll be a running joke soon that I suggest nature as the answer to most challenges, but it is true that immersing yourself in a natural setting gives a perspective that is hard to find otherwise. Using the calm of nature to still your own anxieties and running commentary really helps if you find it difficult to switch off at home. With practice, you’ll be able to bring this peace with you anywhere. Take deep breaths and focus on the birdsong, letting your own thoughts drift away as you listen to the music of nature.
  3. Connect with others. My recent blog post on this shows ways to become involved in your community to help others which in turn will help yourself. Volunteer, see family, support local shows and music and art scenes and a beautiful community spirit will grow, one you’ll be very much a part of.
  4. Travel. See the truth in the world before believing everything the media tells us. Meet people from different cultures and decide for yourself where you think people’s hearts lie and who they truly are. This again will connect you to the truth in the world, that we are not so different from each other at our core.
  5.  Create! Feeling you’re making a contribution to the world will increase feelings of happiness. This is closely related to the connecting with others idea, that by creating something others find useful or beautiful, you’ll be helping to make the world better and. Music, crafts, art, poetry- anything that you feel drawn to. It’s probably something you enjoyed doing as a child and once you pick it back up, it’ll be like you never stopped and you were meant to do it! This is how music was to me after a long break which left me very down, but once I came back to it I realised how much I love using music to make others (and myself!) happy.
  6. Get off the Internet!! I do realise the irony of saying this whilst writing a blog, that I’d like people to read- on the internet. Too much though is soul destructive as it drags us down into a world of frantic notifications and comparisons to people we barely know or people we think we know but don’t really because everything is edited beyond any meaningful reality! So spending time away, doing the above can be so beneficial. A lot of us use social media for work now so I know it’s not always easy to cut ties completely but limiting use is a great start!


There’s a reason smiling is also called “beaming” and that’s because it’s like a ray of sunshine beaming across all those who encounter it! Smiling really is infectious and if you share your smile with others, it’ll spread across all those you connect with and beyond so share your beautiful smile today!

Best Wishes,


A Colourful Life!

Earlier this week I talked about a simple life, but now I want to share thoughts about a colour life with you! Something that brings me so much joy when experiencing other cultures, is how much colour there is and … Continue reading

A Simple Life!

I’ve been so lucky to have been travelling a lot more the past year and one thing wandering around a lot shows you is how little you need to live and be contented. I believe a simple life is a freer one. One where material possessions don’t tie us down into working just to have something new. One where we can be more present in our decisions and in our focus.

Being able to carry everything you need for weeks in one bag on your back certainly humbles you into realising most of the extras we surround ourselves with are not essential to our living a good life.


Backpack Bexi!

Growing up, I was as materialistic as you could imagine. Constantly asking my Mum for something else. Always wanting to spend Saturdays shopping. I don’t regret this as it’s shown me how futile the pursuit of “stuff” is because I was only happy until the newness had worn off, then I was in desperate search for the next thing. I was lucky my parents did also encourage me to read a lot, and supported my singing and other creative pastimes which at least helped to balance out the consuming monster that lurked within my teenage self so I look back with no self-reproach and see that these experiences helped me understand the money orientated society we reside in today.

The last few years though I’ve found myself needing less and less to be happy. This has been both through choice and also necessity as I’ve chosen to work less to free up my time to travel but obviously this means less money to spend on disposable entertainment items that we’re all encouraged to buy. I find much more fun in the beauty of life and in connecting with other people than I ever did in new clothes and shoes.


I’m certainly not at the end of this journey. I don’t currently live completely waste free, though that’s definitely my aim. I still find myself coveting certain things and have to keep reminding myself to ask whether I really need it or just desire it for some unknown reason. I’ll get there though, I know it and feel happier and more peaceful each day! Being self-aware and observing your actions as you go through them will help to make sure you are living consciously and not being swayed by advertising or your peers.

Here’s how I’m breaking free of the consuming cycle and living on my terms…

  1. Firstly have a clear out. Try and find homes for unwanted items that no longer serve you. They may stop someone else from buying new if they can repair your broken laptop or have been looking for a table you’re wanting rid of. Charity shops always want clothes and overseas refugee programmes also need bedding and such items. This has the added bonus of clearing your mind at the same time so in turn you feel lighter in yourself as well as your home.
  2. Find inspiration from others who are living with less.  Take tips from others who’ve tried things already and found great ways to help you too.
  3. Go back to basics with food. When I became vegan, a lot of things clicked into place for me. I realised how much food production is harming our planet and this coupled with waste made me want to live more simply. Eating home made food is more kind to our bodies as well as the environment.
  4.  Find free things to do! A lot of our money goes on keeping ourselves entertained. But this doesn’t have to be a complicated process either. Time in nature walking, swimming, meeting with friends for a chat, all simple ways to enjoy our free time but without the burden of a new games console!
  5. To be self-aware, start by trying to be a conscious observer of your actions. Don’t judge, just watch. So for example if you find yourself wandering into a shop and about to buy something “for fun” don’t feel bad for it, but do be active in the moment of buying it. You may decide you don’t truly want it after all, as so many of our purchases are quick and made under distraction.


I learnt a lot of these things whilst travelling, but they are all something we can practise whilst going about our lives, whatever we do!

You can’t buy your way to freedom, but maybe you can give things away to attain it. Living more simply will leave you feeling free and able to concentrate on the true things that matter in your life.

Best Wishes,


What I Learned From a Moroccan Cat…!

Hello beautiful spirits, thank you for joining me here again!

Whilst I was away in Morocco, I spent the evenings reading on my Riad’s rooftop terrace. It was so beautiful, under the setting sun with a view of the bustling city below, but so peaceful up high. This post isn’t to share that particular experience with you though, it’s to tell a story of what I saw one evening as I was sat reading.

Picture the rooftop, three storeys high, with a narrow wall around the terrace. All of a sudden a little black cat jumped from a taller roof onto this thin ledge and walks across it as if it was the most simple leisurely stroll down the street. I thought for a moment, how brave that little girl is to climb so high and tread a wall so fine.


Then I realised something. She wasn’t brave. She wasn’t being brave because she had no fear in the first place at that moment. And she had no fear because she was so confident in her ability to stride across that ledge, that the thought of falling and therefore being frightened didn’t really enter her mind.

This is how we must live. Unafraid of the challenges we face. Feeling no fear in the face of a new day that might seem different and unexplored to us. The language we use plays a large part in this. We tell ourselves upcoming situations are scary so in order to lose our fear of them, we have to alter the words we use relating to them. Focus on the benefits of a particular event that seems terrifying to you instead of the negatives. This seems obvious but so many of us keep our negative attachments due to the language we use. So by changing that, we change our thought pattern connected with it. Here are a few examples…


Situation                  Fear Based Thoughts               Fearless Thoughts!

Job interview    I’m not good enough       You ARE good enough for it or you                                                                                                                                                           wouldn’t have an interview!

Presentation     It will go wrong                  You’re prepared so you’ll be great! 

Family meal      No one understands me    Show everyone how lovely and unique you                                                                                                                                                                           truly are! 

Travel nerves    I’ll get lost                              You’re off to explore a new unseen                                                                                                                                                         world, you’ll find your way!

Obviously I know cats do feel fear at different times. I have two rescued cats, and both of them didn’t allow any human contact until they completely trusted us because they were so frightened due to past experiences. This is a different emotion though. The roof top kitty was probably wary of my presence too but she didn’t waiver in her own innate abilities. This is what I learned from her and what we all can learn, to be so sure of ourselves that the fear just melts away.


Couldn’t leave my rescue kitties out of a post on cats could I?! Meet Hazel and Saffron!

Nature will always provide us with inspiration when we most need it. I loved watching that beautiful little being tread where others would be terrified to. She followed her instinct, as all animals do- something we must remember how to do. If we trust our inner feelings, we will have that same confidence to pursue our path. Even though the road may seem daunting, we will see that it isn’t really if we are sure of ourselves.

This is true freedom, feeling open to live our lives without fear!

Best Wishes,


Going Solo!

Hello there!

I’ve just returned from beautiful Morocco, a trip I almost thought about cancelling due to others’ responses when I mentioned it. That I must be very careful, there will be so many scams, and even that I should not go! I knew I would be fine though and would see and learn so much from going there that it was important for me to go.


I appreciate people’s worries, that they come from a loving place and so I don’t dismiss them but I listen to my own feelings and faithfully follow those. Usually their words are not the true voice of the person speaking them, instead they are the vocalisations of a society that wants to keep its population (and in particular it’s women) in a constant state of fear. This is because fear equates to control and someone who lives in fear cannot truly be free.

Even walking alone in the woods near my house provokes this response! I’m asked on an almost daily basis by fellow walkers why I don’t have a dog with me or am I really going on my own? I love walking and it’s so vital to be out in nature. It saddens me that so many of us are discouraged from our natural surroundings due a disproportionate fear of what lurks waiting.

Use your intuition- your ‘common sense’, do hear others’ stories of particular places and use that information to decide on your own path but at the same time listen to your own instincts more so than anyone else, those telling you something is safe or unsafe, if you feel otherwise- trust this.

If I had followed all the people telling me I shouldn’t be doing something, I would have missed out on some of the most incredible experiences of my time here so far, meeting warm friendly people, seeing beautiful nature and learning some of my most important lessons (future posts to come on these hehe!)

Here are my thoughts on how to speak lovingly with a friend or family member who is concerned about your path…

  1. Don’t react immediately! Initially in response to someone telling you that you shouldn’t be doing something, you may feel a rising surge of anger in your stomach and want to argue back with them. This will not work and just confirms in their minds that you’re too reactionary and emotional to keep yourself safe. Instead, calmly tell them that you understand their feelings but that you feel very secure in everything and are looking forward to your trip.
  2. Often people are swayed by what they’ve recently read in the news or watched on TV, for example I know people who wouldn’t dream of visiting Eastern Europe after seeing the film Hostel and so if you tell them that’s where you’re heading, they conjure up visions of that ridiculous film instead of the beautiful scenery and people that are there. Keep this in mind when discussing your trip and show them the beautiful side of your destination, one they may be unaware of.
  3. Be realistic when talking with them. Don’t pretend as though nothing bad ever happens in the world or could ever happen to you as this comes across as naïve. Acknowledge that for example if you’re travelling to Africa, that yes people have encountered trouble but remind them that there have been people go on a night out in Manchester and never return home due to a simple bar fight.
  4. Show them how prepared you are (even if you’re not yet!) Be detailed as you describe your trip even if you’re certain your plans will change and evolve along the way. Once people know you have a schedule, they usually feel safe. I book hotels and hostels very last minute which drives my family wild as it’s something they would never dream of leaving until the day before travelling!
  5. If they’re very logically minded, providing some statistics may be useful. For example on my forest walks, I remind people that women are more likely to be attacked in their own homes by someone they know, not whilst out on a sunny day walking! Not a nice statistic of course but one that might put things into perspective.


If you are scared, don’t be afraid to admit it! Don’t feel you must put on a show of bravado and say that an upcoming trip trekking India alone is the same as nipping to the corner shop to you- it’s not and it’s perfectly ok to feel apprehensive. The key is to listen to your body and note the differences between feeling truly terrified of a situation or feeling excitedly anticipative of the unknown.

And most importantly, remember that although it’s good to keep people happy, don’t do this at the expense of your dreams. Never let other’s views influence your own plans to the point of cancelling your dream trip. Reclaim your freedom!


Best Wishes,