Welcome and hello! I’m Bexi and this is a space I’ve created for all of us to take time to breathe and just be.

Here we will find ways to live simply and more joyfully!

I’ll be posting weekly blogs to help us slow down and bring peace into our daily lives. We will explore ways to reduce anxiety, boost wellbeing, find joy in the everyday and much more. My background is as a music for wellbeing practitioner for several years and I’ve always incorporated breathing and mindfulness into my practices and classes as I know how transformative it can be and I’d love to share that with you all too!

Thank you for joining me on my adventures!

Best Wishes and Breathe Deeply!




  1. Hi there Im Gemma, I have a vintage hair salon in Halifax and Im having a vintage tea party, fund raiser for our local hospice, on April 3rd and was wondering if you would be available to come along and if so how much would it be xxx


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