Honouring Other’s Time

Protecting our own time and setting boundaries also means honouring and respecting others’ time too.

I know it can feel hurtful when someone chooses to do something else instead of seeing you or doing that favour.

I’ve learnt to not take this personally as, if we have our own boundaries, we have to accept that others’ lives are absolutely their own too. Even if we wish they would behave differently, it’s up to them how they spend their time here.

Of course we can still ask for help, especially with household members, but perhaps with more patience we can see how others have the same right to follow the path they choose without being guilted or shamed for doing so.

Reframing this also makes life lighter so instead of being annoyed at people you can be happy for them. They are prioritising their mental health when they choose to follow what they love which will benefit the whole world if we all do this.

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