Creativity Is Your Natural State

I know lots of my friends are finding it hard to be their usual creative selves at the minute. If this feels like you, then these words were written for you… ❤

It can be hard to create, 
when you're waiting at the gate,
For scraps to be thrown, 
The future feeling unknown.

It can be a challenge to be playful,
Not feeling guilty or wasteful,
That you "should" be taking care,
Of serious business then and there.

It can be difficult to feel love,
In the daily push and shove,
Reaching for the day's end,
No space for family or for friends.

Know that creation is a rebel's tool,
Not the luxury of leisurely fools.
Playing is where life begins,
Through childlike eyes Love will always win.

Follow the trail of all you love to do,
Let it refresh your essence and soul anew.

©Bexi Owen

I hope these words will help spark something somewhere!

Best wishes and deep breaths,



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