10 Ways I Stay Well

Hello! I purposely titled this blog post “10 Ways I Stay Well” and not “10 Ways to Stay Well” as I do believe it’s a good practice in life to do the things we’re drawn to and that includes finding our own ways to wellbeing. Of course, we can take inspiration from others which is why I’ve written this yet I also hope it will be a starting point for you to find your own things that keep you living to the best you can.

Please follow any of these if you feel drawn to and leave the ones that don’t resonate 🙂 The list isn’t in any order of important, I love all of them!

  1. Time in Nature. Being outside is really important to me and I visit the woods most days. If I’m not at the woods I will probably be either at the beach or in my own little garden pottering about. I adore being in natural settings and exploring, always finding something new or fascinating to see. This morning in fact I was blown away by the amount of birdsong I could hear, it was so loud and life affirming!
  2. Whole Foods. I’ve been vegan for 7 years now and I genuinely enjoy eating plant based whole foods. People don’t believe me when I say it but I do prefer more natural food to vegan junk food. That’s not to say I don’t like vegan processed cheese on a soya burger (yum!) but I love how eating fresh and unprocessed food makes me feel. I have more energy, I sleep better, it cured a silent acid reflux problem that was affecting my singing and best of all it feels beautifully simple and natural to eat and work in the kitchen with simple ingredients. A connection to our past.
  3. Yoga. Yes, this list is fast turning into a new age cliché isn’t it haha! However I always think clichés are clichéd for good reason- they do offer wisdom. Again, not everyone will feel the pull to do yoga and that’s fine! There are many other ways to move our bodies that offer health benefits and feel unique to you. Dancing, walking, golf, equipment based exercise- whatever motivates you to build strength and stretch! I personally tried to go to the gym and learnt it’s not for me. I love yoga, walking and dancing so I stick to those and don’t force myself into other forms of exercise. I also like swimming but don’t feel the urge to do it weekly as others do. Listen to those urges on how you want to move your body- that’s your intuition giving you a message that it will be good for you!
  4. Afternoon Naps. I love taking naps! In our modern world, naps sound very indulgent yet for me, it just feels natural. If I’m tired then I want to rest. We fight this natural feeling too often in the West don’t we? I admit, I do it too. If I have a music session booked I don’t cancel it, however I will still rest either before or after to restore that sense of balance.
  5. Music. Listening to songs I love really helps lift me. I find I get something from singing “sad” songs too, but not in the same uplifting way. It can be release yet I never feel better if that makes sense?! I love listening and dancing floatily around to classical music too! Of course, for me, making music is also on my own personal ways to wellbeing. If you felt drawn to try this too, know you don’t have to be a professional to enjoy making music. Compose fun songs, tap out some percussion beats on a table top or even find a second hand instrument to start learning.
  6. Gardening. This is cheating a bit as I did mention being in the garden in spending time in nature, however the actual act of gardening is quite specific. Planting flowers, growing food, taking care of life that you see progress daily is something so joyful! I love checking in and chatting with my plants every day and learning about what different plants need to be healthy. Again, it feels very natural to be connected to a simpler life.
  7. Creating. This is a more open way to wellbeing that most of us can find a way into! The act of creation is a perfect way to spend time in the state of flow. Being in flow is where we are so engrossed and enjoying the activity we’re engaged with that we forget all ideas of time and other responsibilities.
  8. Reading. I’ve always loved reading. I grew up as an only child so I spent a lot of time in my room reading, on car journeys reading, going to the library…haha I really love reading! I still do and I make time for it. I don’t read every day, but when I do, I love immersing myself in fantasy worlds, reading biographies, spiritual guidance, words are so powerful and I love the way books can lead us to learn about ourselves. I’ll do a post on my favourite books soon I think!
  9. Time alone. For me, I find it really vital to have a lot of time on my own. I love being with myself and being quiet. I know this is easier said if you have a large family but a walk with just yourself for company can be very restoring.
  10. Time with others. Helping in my community is a big lift for my spirit. I love seeing the different a litter pick can make or running my music groups. Of course, time with friends and family is important too. I will say though that you don’t have to spend time with people who make you feel bad or are abusive. Even if they are family. Martyring yourself for them won’t actually help them, it only causes you to feel worse and them to become dependent.

Hope these few tips have helped you, do let me know if they have!

Best wishes and deep breaths,



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