The Power of Breathing Intentions

Hello beautiful souls!

Today we’re going to focus on the power of breathing intentions. What is a breathing intention? A breathing intention is my name for setting a path for our breath to carry positive thoughts towards us and release negative ones away from us. Just like an affirmation, or even a mantra, a breathing intention works to quiet the busy, negative thoughts of our mind so we can apply new ways of feeling.

With the inhalation breath, we breathe in the intention we want and with the exhalation we release the feeling we no longer want. It really is that simple! The magic happens when we repeat it so it becomes more automatic and hypnotic.

Breathing well can bring so much joy!

I would say it’s more powerful when you think of your own breathing intentions, here are some that I use in my videos and for myself…

“Breathe in love, release fear”

“Breathe in peace, release anxiety”

“Breathe in stability, release uncertainty”

The slower and more controlled you make these the better, though I can appreciate if you are feeling anxious this may take time to reach a slower state of breathing. Know that it will happen though if you keep the flow of the breathing intentions going.

On my videos I speak the intentions and again, I find this powerful. Getting into the rhythms though may take concentration so it’s fine to “feel” the intentions or hear them in your head too of course and then perhaps finish with saying them as a final affirmation. You might not always be in a place where you are able to verbalise so saying them to yourself in your mind is a good way of being able to practice this method anywhere, including busy buses!

If you’d like to be guided on some breathing intentions, you can have a look at my Youtube here where I go through intentions for different purposes such as anxiety or uncertain times. These can get you started so you can develop a loving practice of your own.

A great time to try is before sleep or as you’re waking up and see how differently you feel. Let me know how you go with it and if you find it as powerful as I do!

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,




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