Finding Calm Within the Chaos

The world can be a chaotic place, this doesn’t mean you have to feel this chaos too.

I realised this when it was shown to me during an incident last year. I was sat on a bench at a busy train station and if train stations aren’t busy enough with the coming and going of passengers, this one was ramped up in mayhem! As well as several full trains pulling in and out in quick succession with lots of commuter changes, there was a medical emergency further down the platform, a fight breaking out, lots of “official” looking people running around looking very confused and many panic stricken passengers.

Now, don’t misunderstand my intentions- if I could have been of physical service in that situation I would have. If it was a mental health crisis and I could have offered mental health first aid, of course I would have done so. There were already many people dealing with each conflict so I would not have been useful. This wasn’t from a place of uncaring, it was realising my involvement would have only added to the harassed feelings of the staff and the amount of people running around. I instinctively felt I was best seated and keeping calm and serene amidst the turmoil.

This is when I realised that I could be completely calm and peaceful even when all of that was swirling around me. That perhaps what I had to offer was a peaceful energy that could sub-consciously calm at least a fraction of the commotion. I wasn’t ignoring it in a dismissive way, I was sending good thoughts out and helping in my own way and we can do this in many situations. Not all of us are made to wade in during confrontations and this doesn’t mean we can’t help in other ways. Keeping composed in these situations is a skill that can be so beneficial to society. Most often, shouting and becoming angrier and angrier doesn’t aid anyone, but a quiet person can bring the balance the setting needed.

Here’s how I keep peacefulness in my heart even when things get busy around me…

1.Breathe. This is always my number one for calming and as it’s the title of this blog, of course I’m going to suggest it haha! Seriously though, it’s so helpful for slowing down our heartrate, clearing our minds and giving us space to think.

2.Sending love to others Sometimes in these chaotic situations, we may experience people in distress, anxiety or that seem rude. Remember they are good people, just scared or feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to cope with those feelings. If we treat them with kindness and send them love from our core, this will likely diffuse the situation. People find it very difficult to argue with smiling faces and that’s usually because they have already been calmed by a happy presence, even if they don’t realise it!

3. Acknowledging the chaos By noticing the way others are behaving, we can see that behaviour if it arises in ourselves and know how to manage it better. Having said that, don’t get drawn in to the emotions of the situation. Yes feel compassion and love for people, but don’t get pulled in to feeling the negative states and drama taking place. Unless you can assist then it won’t be helpful for you or them for you to add dramatic energy to the situation.

The experience in the train station touched me so deeply, it even gave me a song, here is the first verse:

Chaos can surround you, but doesn't have to touch you.
Life can move forward, but doesn't have to rush you.
Love can be fragile, but doesn't have to hurt you.
You don't need trials of fire, just to prove they won't burn you.

Find calm even in chaos (Photo by Jeffrey Czum on

If we keep thoughts of peace with us, we can keep this way in all situations no matter what comes our way.

Best Wishes and Deep Breaths,



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