Weekend Wellbeing: How to Flow from your Working Week to a Joyful Weekend!

You’re not alone if you work, work, work during the week and then collapse into the weekend! Many of us do that and it’s a pattern that can be difficult to break. Especially if we’ve overslept on the Sunday and then struggle to sleep well before Monday morning, beginning the cycle all over again.

Personally, I’ve worked hard to make a life that doesn’t involve a Monday to Friday working week. I am very grateful that my music and wellbeing work is varied and allows me much time to spend doing what I love such as being in nature. However it wasn’t always this way and I’ve done many jobs that were more fixed in the time they required from me. It took me a while to learn how I wanted to live and I spent lots of time feeling very sad and uncertain about the future. Once I found my path though I have strived to continue this way of living and I want to share a few things I’ve learnt along the way!

Spending time in Nature is so important to me!

You could say that the following ideas are stating the obvious. Sometimes we need this though as no matter how many times we hear these, we still don’t seem to listen do we?!

Balance, balance, balance! Living with more balance will make everything feel easier. This can mean different things to each of us, generally balance is a feeling where we know we are not being overwhelmed in one area of our lives. So our work isn’t taking more time and energy than we wish it to. If you are feeling overwhelmed, begin bringing some self care into your daily routine including focusing on your breathing to feel more in balance.

Saying No! This is connected with the first tip and finding balance. If we say no to things we don’t want to do our lives will be so much more joyful. Often we feel guilted or obligated into giving our time to things we don’t want to do when there may be other ways round this such as compromising on how much extra work we take on or if we can simplify plans to make things easier. This can be even more true at the moment when a lot of meetings and events are being moved online and so we can end up spending entire days on zoom meetings. By saying no, you’re not being rude you are protecting your time

Limiting Screen Time Weekends can feel a lot more expansive when we stay off our screens. Scrolling through social media eats up time and means it’s hard to remember what we have done over the weekend. Staying off screens opens up our day so we can read, go for walks and do whatever we want to whilst noticing our surroundings more.

There is also another way round this that involves a bit more imagination. We can design our lives where weeks and weekends flow more fluidly. So that by the time Friday arrives you’re not feeling the need to hide and sleep for two days! If this seems a far off dream, start with these tips first and see where they take you- hopefully well on the way to a more joyful weekend and work time!

Best Wishes,



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