Ways to Begin Noticing our Breath

If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing you’re breathing! Have you ever really noticed your breath though? Perhaps only when you exercise or running for a bus and you’re out of breath?

Noticing our breath is a really helpful way to improve our wellbeing and find peacefulness in this challenging time. Here are a three ways to get you started…

1.Just notice. Don’t change your breath or worry it’s not “right”. As all our bodies are different, our breath will appear differently for each of us too. Find what feels right for you. Sit in a resting position and just observe how your breathing feels at that moment. This is a lovely way to start connecting with this integral part of us that we often over look.

2. Sound Channelling While you’re sat still, also begin to notice sounds around you and how your breathing fits in with these. You might notice that you’re breathing increases if there are busier sounds around you or that you’re able to breath more deeply when you’re hearing birdsong.

3. Let go of what you think “proper” breathing is. Is it good to breathe deeply- yes. Is it good to breath from your diaphragm and not just lungs- yes. However some of these techniques take time to build up to. Don’t let this put you off from starting where you are now. If you are lifting your shoulders as you breath, but feel more relaxed from just noticing for now- that’s great! These are things we will work towards in this blog and accompanying Youtube videos (coming soon!). The most important thing is that this is a joyful time for you to relax, not another source of worry!

Notice the sounds around you and how they make you feel…

Let me know how you get on with this first few tips!

Best Wishes,



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