Get Turned Off: How I learnt to switch off the TV!

One of the great things about the Mind on Music travelling is that it has left me with a lot less time for idly watching random TV. My mind is much clearer and happier for it!

As a nation, we watch too much television. There’s no arguing with the statistics that tell us the average person watches five to eight hours per day in front of the TV. That’s almost a third of our lives! Before the 1930s though, television wasn’t even available to the public and during the Second World War, broadcasts were suspended. Afterwards, the schedule only contained three hours of broadcasting per day and obviously no catch up TV! Even during the 1950s when television started to become more widely used by the general public, it was upheld as special occasion. We can look to these past ways of living in order to enhance our present!

TV1 Dan Talson.jpg

Break the TV Cycle!!

Here are some simple ways from the past to break the TV cycle;

  1. Visit friends and family! This has the added bonus of helping others watch less TV too. The evenings are still light and even in Winter instead of spending your Sunday on the sofa, go for a walk with the family in Nature.  Decades ago, visiting others was a more regular occurrence as there was no Facebook to keep in touch with people!
  2. Cook. If you cook a meal with several ingredients, by the time you’ve made and eaten it, a few hours may have passed. The key is to enjoy the process of cooking for itself, not to rush through it and then hurry through the meal.This has the added bonus that you’ll know exactly what’s in your food, just as our grandparents did.
  3. Craft. Learn a new craft skill or re-engage with an old pastime you used to enjoy such as crochet, or playing an instrument. Hours used to be spent darning and mending old clothes but this is something we don’t have to do as much now. However this is a useful skill which has largely been lost and helped keep waste down so re-learning it will save you some pennies!
  4. Read.  There are also whole realms of imagination and information ready for you to dive into. You don’t need to read classics, pick up whatever you’re drawn to and get lost in another world.
  5. Rest Finally, know that it’s ok to sit in silence with your own thoughts! We feel we must be constantly entertained but this isn’t true. Some of our best ideas come to us when we’re resting quietly. Keep a notebook handy for these times so you can quickly jot ideas down. Years ago, people often daydreamed for hours, just wistfully sitting at a river bank, but in our ‘notification generation’ we feel a constant need to check our emails, social media, what’s on TV later…always doing instead of just being! Stop and remind yourself of this once in a while.



Get Outside!!

Sometimes we get stuck in cycles, especially in the darkest months of the year but Summer hasn’t left us yet so we can get outside and switch the TV off, just as we used to do in years gone by!


Best Wishes,



Month One of My Mind on Music Travels!

Wow, well the first month of my travels with charity Mind on Music is complete! To read more about what I’m doing with the travel challenge see here and here! 

It’s been an incredible journey so far! I focused the first month on the North West of England, and here I’ve met many amazing people on the sessions. I’ve also met such brilliant staff across many hospitals and venues and seen the great work they’re doing for people.


In Huyton, Merseyside

It’s certainly been a mix of emotions. Some sessions were extremely challenging, with several having abusive and violent patients. I know this was not their essential nature, but the frustrations of their circumstances so I wasn’t personally hurt but I felt for them and their families who have to deal with the different illnesses everyday.

One of the most amazing and emotional moments for me this month, was being asked to sing whilst a lady lay dying, her family there to watch her going. They wanted to create a jolly and peaceful atmosphere for her which I hope I helped with. It was an honour to be asked and I really hope I did help that lady and her family.


In Warrington, Cheshire

Something I’ve learnt from this first month is definitely to slow the pace for the next eleven ahead! Some days I was doing three gigs a day which was do-able at the time through adrenaline and many banana smoothies haha but really not sustainable for a year long tour. I know I said I was doing a challenge but…! Seriously though, we all need balance in our lives and working so hard you’re exhausted and feeling ill at the end of the day is not helpful for long term health or for being able to help others. We all must look after ourselves as well!

Bexi Manc Music

In Manchester!

bexi hospital.jpg

In Lancaster, Lancashire

I’ve also had some really lovely private gigs, so thank you to all who’ve booked me as they help me continue the charity work as the donations we receive don’t cover most of the travel and session costs.

The month in summary…

People reached: 115

Counties visited: Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Cumbria.

Important personal moment: Being asked to perform during someone’s final hours here on Earth.

Lessons learnt: Slow down!

Arrowe park.jpg

On the Wirral, Merseyside

Next month I’ll be heading to the North East, please do get in touch if you’d like us to visit or know of any venues we could be helpful in!

Best Wishes,