Mind on Music: Why I’m doing this travel challenge!

Hi all!

Apologies for lack of posts this month, I’ve been planning away for the Mind on Music UK journey I’m starting next month. I thought this blog would be a good place to explain why I’m doing it and what I hope to achieve through it all.

Firstly, it’s not a challenge I’m taking lightly. I know it will be emotionally and physically demanding but I feel it’s the right time to do this. I need to stretch myself even further than I have in order to grow and learn more about myself and those I’m sharing this earth with.

The main aim of the tour is, of course, to help as many people as I can using the skills I have. I believe so passionately in the health benefits of music, sound and their associated practice that I want to take these techniques to people and places who may not have considered them previously.

bexi meditation bench.jpg

I want to raise awareness and stand for those facing chronic illness as they have voices too that are often ignored. Those living with dementia, chronic pain, mental health concerns and other conditions are often forgotten about and left, along with family, to just get on with things. This is not right. And it’s not the society I want to live in, and in order to change, change must come from us.

The famous (but actually misquoted) Ghandi phrase “be the change you want to see in the world” is a powerful one but the truth is, we are that change everyday. We are that change whether we sit and do nothing, actively do bad or actively create goodness. ALL of our thoughts and subsequent actions create change and we must decide what we want that change to be.


Personally, I hope to gain more understanding of our true humanity and the lessons we’re here to learn. By connecting with more people, and particularly those I may be of service to, I really want to share more love and compassion so that others can feed from this and lift themselves up somewhat, however small from that connection.

I’ve felt the pull for some time now that I’m meant to be getting out there more, to be with people who need healing and love, which is why my singing seems to be taking me in a completely different direction than when I began as fully professional five years ago. That isn’t meant to sound patronising though I suppose it does in a way!  I still enjoy doing the fun private parties and celebrations and will continue to do these, I just feel as though my focus needs to be on using my voice to help others at this present time. I apologise if it does sound condescending, I’m doing my best and make mistakes like anyone but my intentions are pure I promise that!

I hope this explains a little of why I want to embark on such a journey. Or it could truly be for none of those reasons really and I may find the real reason somewhere along the way….


Best Wishes,


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