A Colourful Life!

Earlier this week I talked about a simple life, but now I want to share thoughts about a colour life with you!

Something that brings me so much joy when experiencing other cultures, is how much colour there is and how much more than back here in the UK it seems.

I love seeing how other countries utilise colours to create vibrant spaces and harness the energy colour can create around us. In Britain, it seems the general consensus is that anything bright is too loud and garish and that muted, pale colours are more elegant. These lower energy colours have a place but bold, stunning colours can be so helpful. My favourites are purple which I use to symbolise a healing energy and orangey brights which always boost my energy. Most of my living space is painted in a tangerine shade which I absolutely adore!

Beautiful bright house I spotted in Croatia in one of my favourite energy boosting colours!

Of course, nature doesn’t shy away from colour! We only have to look at animals and plants to see that colour permeates through life and symbolises a thriving world. It feels unnatural that we’ve taken this model and turned it into a sea of grey and beige. I find a lot of inspiration in nature so colour is no different.

I’m not sure this guy cares if he’s in last season’s colours 😉 

Ancient civilisations, known for their closeness with nature, employed colour in order to heal and harness energy power. One way they did this was through the combination of sunlight and crystals as we know that sunlight through a prism will be refracted into its full spectrum and divulge to us its beautiful secret of healing energies through colour! As with sound healing that our ancient ancestors first used, we need to relearn these techniques in order to truly benefit from all this world has to offer.

Here are some uses for different colours, this is very basic and I’d advise you to do your  own research if you wish to know more! …

  • Blue has the potential to be calming and healing as it slows everything down. within us.
  • Purple can also symbolise health and healing and spiritual connection so is good to use during meditation.
  • Yellow can create a cheerful atmosphere and is quite stimulating if you need motivation.
  • Green can stand for growth, life and abundance. It is a balancing colour and abundant in nature.
  • Red is a stimulating colour but can also create anger and over indulgence so use sparingly in your home if you choose to go with red.
Bold colours at Jardin Marjorelle, such a lovely calming energy in a hectic city!

Here are some ways to bring colour into your life more…

  1. In your Home! Where you live is your main healing space and has the capacity to help you or to hold you back. By filling your space with colours you love, you’ll smile every time you walk through the door. If you share with others or aren’t allowed to decorate, make one corner that’s just for you. You don’t have to paint. Pictures, fabrics, beading trims can all bring a pleasant atmosphere to your space. This will be your own personal healing corner so fill it with things that are special to you and that make you happy.
  2. Food! We’ve heard nutritionists saying “Eat a rainbow” for a while now and it’s so true for multiple reasons. Firstly, just the sheer prettiness of a colour plateful you’re about to eat can life our spirits. And of course the health benefits of eating a variety of brightly coloured food are well documented. My favourites are bright pink beetroot, bold red peppers and rich, green spinach!
  3. Get in the Garden! Again, if you don’t have access to a garden of your own or aren’t able to cultivate yours, brightly coloured pots can work wonders. Even little windowsill herb planters will brighten your home and bring a touch of nature inside. One of my inspirations from my recent adventures has been the Jardin Marjorelle in Morocco. I loved the use of bright colours and feel so inspired to re-create my own version for myself back home!
  4. Smother yourself in colour! Don’t be dictated to as to what’s in “season” where colour is concerned (or anything for that matter). Fashion seasons and trends are merely designed to keep us in a constant consuming mode and add to the disposable society we’ve become. Where what makes you happy! I do and do not care one bit what other people think.
  5. Mish Mash colour into your life! Find any other avenue to bring your favourite hues into your day. Your travel cup, your plates, bed sheets, anything you like really though I would do some research on colour therapy when it comes to rooms like our bedroom and kitchen as it has been shown that the colours we surround ourselves with there have the power to over-stimulate us if we don’t choose carefully and so we may over eat or find sleeping a challenge!
Rainbow food!! Healthy and pretty!


I love to wear my colours brightly!! (And flowery it seems!)

I’ve loved writing this post and I hope you find it useful, now go and live a colourful life!


Best Wishes,


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