What I Learned From a Moroccan Cat…!

Hello beautiful spirits, thank you for joining me here again!

Whilst I was away in Morocco, I spent the evenings reading on my Riad’s rooftop terrace. It was so beautiful, under the setting sun with a view of the bustling city below, but so peaceful up high. This post isn’t to share that particular experience with you though, it’s to tell a story of what I saw one evening as I was sat reading.

Picture the rooftop, three storeys high, with a narrow wall around the terrace. All of a sudden a little black cat jumped from a taller roof onto this thin ledge and walks across it as if it was the most simple leisurely stroll down the street. I thought for a moment, how brave that little girl is to climb so high and tread a wall so fine.


Then I realised something. She wasn’t brave. She wasn’t being brave because she had no fear in the first place at that moment. And she had no fear because she was so confident in her ability to stride across that ledge, that the thought of falling and therefore being frightened didn’t really enter her mind.

This is how we must live. Unafraid of the challenges we face. Feeling no fear in the face of a new day that might seem different and unexplored to us. The language we use plays a large part in this. We tell ourselves upcoming situations are scary so in order to lose our fear of them, we have to alter the words we use relating to them. Focus on the benefits of a particular event that seems terrifying to you instead of the negatives. This seems obvious but so many of us keep our negative attachments due to the language we use. So by changing that, we change our thought pattern connected with it. Here are a few examples…


Situation                  Fear Based Thoughts               Fearless Thoughts!

Job interview    I’m not good enough       You ARE good enough for it or you                                                                                                                                                           wouldn’t have an interview!

Presentation     It will go wrong                  You’re prepared so you’ll be great! 

Family meal      No one understands me    Show everyone how lovely and unique you                                                                                                                                                                           truly are! 

Travel nerves    I’ll get lost                              You’re off to explore a new unseen                                                                                                                                                         world, you’ll find your way!

Obviously I know cats do feel fear at different times. I have two rescued cats, and both of them didn’t allow any human contact until they completely trusted us because they were so frightened due to past experiences. This is a different emotion though. The roof top kitty was probably wary of my presence too but she didn’t waiver in her own innate abilities. This is what I learned from her and what we all can learn, to be so sure of ourselves that the fear just melts away.

Couldn’t leave my rescue kitties out of a post on cats could I?! Meet Hazel and Saffron!

Nature will always provide us with inspiration when we most need it. I loved watching that beautiful little being tread where others would be terrified to. She followed her instinct, as all animals do- something we must remember how to do. If we trust our inner feelings, we will have that same confidence to pursue our path. Even though the road may seem daunting, we will see that it isn’t really if we are sure of ourselves.

This is true freedom, feeling open to live our lives without fear!

Best Wishes,


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