Still a Happy New Year!


We’re a month into 2017 now and even so I’m sure you’ll agree it’s still a challenge to escape the hype of the ‘New Year’. We’re still being told we must be on a strict diet, that we should begin learning several new skills, start new courses and rearrange our lives completely to coincide with this calendar change.

Now that we’re almost in February, some people may have discarded these radical changes but if you have, you mustn’t feel guilty!

If we look to nature, we see that this time of year is generally not the time of new beginnings. In January, Squirrels are still squirrelling their food away and focusing on warmth, hedgehogs are hibernating and other animals are slowing down. Most flowers are still in waiting for the bloom to come in a few months time and the trees have yet to re-grow their leaves. All of this points to a time of nurturing ourselves restfully, yet we are told to speed up, this seems a little confusing doesn’t it?!


Here are my 5 tips to renew yourself more gently…

  1. Certainly start eating more healthily and naturally if you feel you don’t already, but unless you have a few stone to lose for medical reasons, don’t bow to pressure of New Year marketing saying you must lose 10 pounds in a few days, this is not healthy and not necessary! If you need to, you’ll lose weight and keep it off with a few smaller changes.
  2. Gym memberships up the advertising this time of year and whilst there are better deals to be had now than at other times, ask yourself if you really need the gym and that power pumping exercise style? As we saw earlier, nature likes to slow down this time of year and be more restful…perhaps pilates, yoga or dance would more helpful as well as winter walks outside on frosty sunny days?
  3. I applaud all who want to learn new skills and better themselves, but we don’t have to master two languages, go on a cookery course, write a novel, learn flower arranging and knit a jumper all this month though! Choose the new activity that truly calls out to you. It may be the thing you thought you’d end up working as when you were a child…dance or gardening for example and then focus on that with all your heart instead of rushing between several things half-heartedly.
  4. Know that it’s ok to be quiet and restful. Christmas is viewed as a very social time which can be overwhelming for introverted or sensitive souls. Take this time of the year to reflect and restore the balance. Learn to like being in your own company, treat yourself well- make yourself your favourite dinner, make time to read a book you’ve wanted to for a while, and have lots of early nights.
  5. Remember that change can happen all the time. That’s the magic that we have within us, we have the power to make changes all the year round, not just in the mythologised January 1st or on a Monday! Saturdays at 3pm can work very well for making changes too if you have the right mindset!


Finally, keep in mind that the New Year is only our New Year because some people in Rome decided it should be a long time ago. Ask if that feels right to your body and soul? Or whether you would prefer to tune in to another time of year that is truly about renewal and revitalising? I know I’ll be resting for a few months more before emerging restored and rebalanced ready for a beautifully active Spring and Summer!


Best Wishes,







Thank you all for joining me here, whether you’ve followed me over from my music page or just stumbled across me on your internet musings, I’m so happy you found your way here! I’ll follow up with a proper introduction for those who don’t know me but for now here’s a little introduction…

About me and my new blog!

My name is Bexi, and I’m a UK based singer. I’ve started blogs in the past but I didn’t stick with them and it took me a while to understand why but now I know. I was writing about things that I didn’t find interesting, so why should anyone else! Or I was just replicating what I posted on social media, so things like where I’d sung that week, which was nice to keep a record of but is hardly very helpful to anyone’s life is it? This is why I’m so excited about this blog as I have very good feelings about it and always trust my inner feelings! The topics I’ll be covering will expand on what I’ve been posting about on FB for a while and will include;






These are things I hadn’t felt comfortable discussing on my previous blogs and I think it’s because I had made them too specific, stating it was only a blog about my performing for example when all of us are so much more than our jobs.

Why ‘Best Wishes, Bexi’?

I’ve signed off my letters and emails using this since I was younger really without thinking but one day I stopped and thought I do genuinely want to send my best thoughts to those I’m speaking with and now I consciously sign off with it and mean it! I thought it was the perfect name for my new interactions with you all!

So please know when I sign off my posts, I really DO wish you the best for your life and everyone you connect with!

Best Wishes,